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How to clean a house

This might sound simply, but it is a bit more involve than you might think. Cleaning a house in a proper fashion is the foundation to any housekeeping or maid service. Before cleaning houses I consulted a friend in the military service. Who better to ask about cleaning a house than someone under the military microscope.

Housekeepers - pay attention to the details!

Many housekeepers overlook the details. Anyone can wipe down a countertop but few think to scrub the cracks and corners. The details separate those who make from those who do not. Consider the toilet bowl as well. Most people place cleaner in the bowl, wait and then then scrub. You might think the toilet bowl is clean, but have you ever performed the q-tip test? All maid services should do this ... take a q-tip and wipe it under the rim of the bowl and see what happens.

If you think nobody will notice, think again! When someone pays for a cleaning service, they do not want a sloppy job. If they want sloppy work, they would have cleaned the house themselves. Clients look to housekeeping services because they want a professional, detailed oriented cleaning service.

Maids clean from the top down

What does this mean? When house cleaning, you dust counter tops, book shelves, night stands, sweep, polish, etc. If you wipe the top of any item, the dust that is not gathered in the cloth will fall down. So if you are cleaning a bookshelf for example, you would wipe the top shelf first, followed by the second highest and down you go. If you wiped from the bottom up, you stand the chance of knocking dust onto a clean surface.

Many housekeepers dust before changing sheets and folding blankets which is not good. Changing sheets and folding blankets will stir-up dust. The dust will most likely settle on nearby book shelves, counters, etc. A good practice is to always handle anything you think might stir dust first and wipe second.

Research cleaning tips on the net

There are countless tips scattered throughout the web to clean the toughest challenges. Depending on your situation, you might find one tip through a friend and another on a given web site. The best approach is to keep a journal of all the tips and tricks you discover over the weeks, months, and years. Need to get blood out of carpet? Need to get red wine out of carpet? What is the best way to clean a carpet stain? How can I repair a cigarette burn? How can I repair scratched wood? I will soon post my list of repairs and will gladly post yours. Please email your quick fixes for housekeepers and I will maintain a list.