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How to become a maid

If you would like to become a maid but not sure how, you have come to the right place! I was a maid for a hotel chain for a few years and then started cleaning private homes for a living. Becoming a maid is not difficult but you need to have a basic understanding of various concepts.

House Cleaners

Many people searching for a maid will want to know what types of cleaning materials will be used. Some people are very sensative to certain chemicals so you should always ask if anyone in the household has allegeries. If so, research cleaners that will not impact the person with allergies ... since they are prospective clients, it is important to respect their needs. Take a moment to research chemicals listed in your cleaning supplies and always get confirmation from your client to ensure your they are good.

Maids should Respect Privacy and be Trustworthy

This is critical! People in need of a housekeeper want to know two things: 1 - does the maid do a good job? 2 - is the maid trustworthy? If you want to become a maid, you must repect the privacy of your clients. Do not snoop through draws nor look into or behind anything closed unless given permission by the client. When in doubt, always ask.

I have heard horror stories from various clients over the years regarding their previous housekeepers. Some clients report major thefts. I knew of one client that intentional left money in different place throughout the house to see what would happen. A maid service made one visit and pocketed half the money. Unfortunately for the maid service, he placed hidden cameras throughout the house and caught them in the act.

Get Insured!

Why would you want to get insured? Most maid services are very careful when cleaning, but mistakes happen. A lamp breaks, a vase cracks, etc. When something happens, you want to ensure you have enough money to pay for the damage. You might think you can pay out of pocket for damage, but consider a priceless rug made by your clients long lost relative.

Insurance to cover maid services will not cost much and will give you piece of mind. I always thought a ounce of prevention is worth it's weight in gold:) Take time to call around and get some estimates. Most insurance providers will cover maid services, housekeepers, etc.