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Housekeeper vs Maid

Many people in the business do not know the difference between a housekeeper and a maid. In fact, many people request one but want the other. So, what is the difference between a housekeeper and a maid? A few key facts.

Maid Services

When people think of maid services, they think of national known companies that come to a house with sweepers buckets full of cleaning supplies. They enter the house and emerge a few hours later to repeat the process for another client. So, what do they do inside the house? Clean of course, but they also stay focused on the basic agreed upon conditions. For example, many maid services will not handle bedding nor will they do laundry, etc.

Maid services focus on cleaning the basics of any given house. They will sweep, dust, straighten and maybe mop. They will not go above and beyond for the most part and adhere to strict guidelines.


How does a housekeeper differ from a maid? People often confuse the two since there are many similarities, however the similarities are significant. Housekeepers encompass a much broader group of services. This is not to say that housekeepers should go without a contracts. In fact, both housekeepers and maids alike should have contracts so both the service provider and receiver have a clear understanding.

Housekeepers will typically cover the same services offered by maids, but they will also provide much more. Housekeeping services might include laundry, ironing, cooking, running errands, house sitting, dog watching, and obviously cleaning.

Which one is best?

Depends on your needs. If you are client wanted services, make of list of potential services you would like. If you feel the services include anything outside of cleaning, consider looking for a housekeeper. If you are client wanted someone to simply clean your house, consider a maid service.

If you are a service provider, consider what you are willing to offer. Are you willing to run errands for someone - fetch dry cleaning, pickup food, good to the post office, etc.? If so, consider calling yourself a housekeeper. If not, call yourself a maid and focus on just cleaning. Both services are good.