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Best Cleaning Supplies

What are the best cleaning supplies to use? This question goes back many years and answers are handed down from generation to generation. I lost count of all the tips and tricks I gained over the years but know this - I have a bunch. For the sake of this section I will focus on the basics.

Cleaning Windows

Window cleaning is the most common item cleaned by housekeepers and maids. I believe in Windex. Windex has been around for many years and has been tried and tested. Yes I know, many people have other preferences, but I have used Windex countless times to clean windows and never had any issues. Windex also makes a outdoor product called Outdoor all in one glass cleaning tool. Using a telescoping pole with a cleaning pad is the only way to go. The last thing you want to do is to get on a ladder to wipe a window by hand. Let me clarify a bit - professional window cleaners need to wipe windows and typically work on commercial buildings which is a completely different story.

Most housekeeping services and maid services will offer window cleaning on a quarterly or as needed basis. Nothing will make a house shine like clean windows.

Cleaning Carpet

Ahhh yes, how many times has someone spilled a drink on carpet and cause a massive stain? I think just about everybody has a story related to carpet stains. What is the best product on the market? I like Resolve carpet cleaner. I have used Resolve on the toughest stains and had lots of luck with the product. Forget the late night ads promising to remove freshly spilled red wine on carpet. I have seen all the pitches and suspect there are some good products on the market. Unfortunately, if you are like me, you do not have the time nor the money to purchase and research each one.

The sooner you get to a carpet stain the better. I have seen many maid services do little to treat and repair carpet stains which leaves the client feeling cheated. Try to do something ... something is better than nothing. If you are testing a product for the first time, use it in a inconspiquious area to ensure you do not do more harm than good.


What is the best product for dusting? I use Pledge and sometimes just a slightly damp towel. Pledge will help to shine the shelves, etc. but too much use can cause wax build-up. I typically alternate between Pledge and a damp towel. Keep in mind the purpose for dusting ... people dust to pickup dust particals which is really deap flakes of skins.

Consider check the HVAC filter. Yes, this is above and beyond the duties any maid services and perhaps most housekeeping services. Nonetheless, change the filter on a regular basis is not only good for the life of the HVAC system, but it is also good to reduce dust.